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If you remember me posting my to do list, sometime...even me can't remember it, but anyway one of my to do list is to have a cat. After my broken relationship last year, i was silent for months and trying to recupperate. I did well with the help of a very long time friend. Our reconcilliation brought great happenings and happy moments. i moved to a new apartment and painted and decorated the way i love and i dreamed.

He was aware of my to do list. One dusty friday evening, he called me. He asked if i was home, i said im out for a picnic with my cousin. He then asked me to meet him at the cross section off the highway exit. Hes taking cats with him, two of them, a black siamese and a grey american. Right away my reaction was a big "NO"... I dont have litter box, i dont have cat food, i dont have cage, i don't have many things and I am not ready to be a master.

It took him 15 minutes more to travel because he stopped twice. The black siamese is very active and wanted to get out from the box. He then took the cat and put in his lap. Apparently the cat was feeling safe and comfortable in his lap. When he arrived at the meeting point, i was anxious but happy and excited.

I grab hold the black one while the giant american gray cat stays obediently at the box. I thought he is a lazy cat. When we arrived home, the two were anxious too. It was a new environment for them. I prepared a litter box using a basin and temporarily used an ordinary sand. 

I know cats are clean and meticulous but little that i know they have to have each one a litter box. The problem also is they are both male. The black one is 1 year old and the gray is 2 years old. He is a giant cat. They stay hiding under the sofa at the living room. I oriented them in the toilet for their litter box. I had canned tuna in my pantry so i opened one for them.

It took them some hours to get acquainted with the place and to their new master. In the following morning i heard their disagreement. Unknowingly their disagreements was because of the only one litter box. The black one, small, can't contest with the giant. In his frustration he pee on the garbage bin and he let me see his frustrations. I was still patient until he litter in the carpet. I was mad and scolded the black cat which turns out to be funny.

After work i went home directly. I admit i missed the cats. To my surprise when i arrived, the vase and the ceramic potpourre bowl were broken. I don't know but it seems one of them was furious and selectively kicked the breakables while leaving the plastic ones. Then i thought of adding one litter box, after i browse the net for many "How To Care Cats" I learned that they need a separate litter box. They are territorial specially the males.

Day one was really tough. Tasks were added in my list from cleaning and removing their waste in the litter box, to vacuuming the whole place, bathing the cats, cleaning their food tray, mopping the floors with disinfectant- it was not easy. However, the joy of having companion and pets to take care is really great. I was not alone at last, if i talk to myself before now at least i have cats to tell about my day.

I named them: Sar the Giant (grey) and Maximus the gladiator (black). I will be posting and sharing you their pictures here.

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