First Thing in the Morning

First Thing in the Morning

Unlike months before, my morning is pretty active nowadays. Although my alarm was set every 5 in the morning since elementary grade, before i let it snooze for another hour and i get up lazily.

Just when Sar and Maximus arrive. First morning, i was excited and at the same time anxious if they mess anywhere. The following morning, i need to wake up to see if they finish their food. The following morning, i have to get up to give them some milk. Well, i thought because im getting fresh milk for myself in the morning i think it will be good for them too.

Recently, when my alarm sounds, i have another alarm. The knocking sounds at my door. The two cats are too smart, they need something in the morning. I thought they are hungry, so again i gave them milk as usual. I don't know, i think i'm not that smart as a cat master, as i didn't realized what they want right away until the two cats really emphasized it.

Two days ago, i woke up with their knocking in my door (i mean more like scratching in my door). I open the door and lead to the kitchen but the two went to the main door. I didn't understand them, so i ignore and went back to the kitchen to fix their milk. They make this loud "meow", i supposed they're telling me "idiot". So i went bak to the main door and ask them what they want. Sar was meowing all the time, as i understand he is complaining and poor kitty, i don't speak cat talk.

Then minutes after laughing at his complain, i realized they might love to go out because since they arrive they haven't seen the sky yet. Is it "cruelty to animals"? I felt very irresponsible then. When i opened the door, they rushed outside to the rooftop and rolling in the dusty floor. Maximus has a black fur that turns gray and Sar with gray fur turns dark gray.

They were very happy and inspecting the whole place. I thought of leaving them so i can do some chores, i kept the door open for them in case they come back but right there when i come back they went inside as well. So i went back again and spent ten to fifteen minutes outside with my two cats. We enjoy the breeze and the birds around.

This morning we reapeat the outdoor activity. That is additional to my morning task plus the giving them a bath because they become dusty rolling outside. It's additional effort but the fun and happiness these pets giving to me is great. I never felt alone again.

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