MAXIMUS the spoiled cat

SAR the very proper cat, maybe gay

I stay home with my cats most of the time as Sam travel around for his work.


I never stop talking. I talk to my cats, i berate them sometimes, i encourage and play with them. Then sometimes, i realized they understand me.


We've been together for nine months now and i slowly see their attitude. Sar is very clean, proper, he knows the do's and dont's, well, hes 4 years old. While Maximus is the rebellious, spoiled cat. 


Maximus will sabotage me if there is something he like and i didn't give. One time, because theyre both males, theyre both have aggression and wanted to go out to the roof. I hated the idea because they will roll over the dusty floor in the rooftop. 


His black fur turns gray and i will end up giving a shower not on schedule for both of them. Then i will be tired of searching for Sar because if he doesnt like to shower, he knows what to do. Hide in the most unbelievable space he can.


So i told them "no roof top today". Sar just patiently aggree, as what i understand but Maximus makes this complaining sound. Then he scratch the sofa which they both know i hated it much, so i berate him. After few minutes, again he did it plus he gesture to pee on the couch and he did it despite of my roaring "NOOOO bad cat".


Sar reply in aggreable meoww. I remove the whole couch and put outside for cleaning. Then again Maximus shows some aggression and he intentionally do it with me to watch his rebelion. He sat on the coffee table and just kick the ashtray and run off to hide inside the sofa.


What i'm gonna do?



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Comments (4)

  1. cheryl5

    Lol…..I’m a cat parent as well. I have been through the ringer with some of mine! They are great for company, very loyal and loving, yet they buck hard at change of any small measure, and they are sooooo spoiled its not even funny. They know how to push my buttons, that’s for sure!

    November 18, 2013
    1. cjsybil

      I felt they always remind me that “Opps you have responsibility”. They’re making me nuts but at the same time they are lovely. We play and giggle all the way. Thank you.

      November 25, 2013